5th Annual Procyon Wildlife Golf Tournament a great success!

Procyon Wildlife held its 5th Annual Golf Tournament on September 28th at the Woodington Lakes Golf Club. The staff were very accommodating and made us feel very welcome. Everyone in attendance enjoyed this great venue immensely.
We had a good turnout even though it rained in the morning. Lots of money was raised to help the injured wildlife that are rescued. A good time was had by all, so come join us next year.
Thanks Annabella & Alex for organizing this event!

The BBC: Bird populations in US and Canada down 3bn in 50 years.

BBC Science correspondent Victoria Gill reports on two studies which shows Bird populations in US and Canada down 3bn in 50 years.

Bird populations in Asia and the US are “in crisis”, according to two major studies.

The first concludes there are three billion fewer birds in the US and Canada today compared to 1970 – a loss of 29% of North America’s birds.

The second outlines a tipping point in “the Asian songbird crisis”: on the island of Java, Indonesia, more birds may now live in cages than in the wild.

Scientists hope the findings will serve as a wake-up call.

The two studies are published in the journals Science and Biological Conservation.

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