Check out the amazing progress our wildlife charges are making, through the eyes of Wildlife Photographer and Procyon Volunteer, Jennifer Howard’s camera lens.

The two little fox kits at Procyon Wildlife getting big and getting their natural wild instincts to catch food and go free. Soon little ones. Freedom awaits.
All photos taken from outside enclosure and zoomed.

Fawns are getting big and strong at Procyon Wildlife Center.

About 4 weeks old these 3 raccoon babes arrived couple days ago. Beautiful. The older ones are getting their vaccinations and will be going free soon. Always something going on.

Squirrels from a couple day old pinky to 1 week to 2 weeks , skunks red squirrel. Little pinky in an incubator to keep him warm. If anyone can volunteer a few hours a week volunteers always needed with these wee babes still coming in.

A few Pepi La Pews still on premises. LOVE skunks.

Baby rabbit being fed


Progress Udpates on this Summer’s babies
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