June 8th and 9th 2019, was a Busy Weekend for Procyon! Garage Plant and Bake Sale and the Furry 5K Walk!

This was a busy weekend for fundraising for Procyon Wildlife.

On June 8th, we had our garage/plant/bake sale on Saturday and raised $1216.00 and our Furry 5km walk on Sunday. Not sure of that amount yet, but we took the baked goods left from the bake sale yesterday and sold $145.00 more today on June 9th at the Furry Friends 5K Walk in Bolton. It was a great day for a walk through Albion Hills conservation area, raising much needed awareness and funds in support of our furry “wild” creature friends!

We would like to thank everyone that supports Procyon Wildlife. Without you, our wildlife wouldn’t get the help they need. Thank you!

HELP is in YOUR hands.

Garage, Plant and Bake Sale:

Furry Friends 5K Walk in Bolton:



Looking for a Unique Gift for Dad this coming Father’s Day?

Fathers Teach us How to be strong and to be good people. They give us all the tools we need to survive on our own when we are adults.

This year, we have a couple of great gift ideas for Dad on Father’s Day. You can make a donation in his honour, or spoil him with our brand new Procyon Wildlife Baseball Hats! Or you could do both!

With a donation, your gift will include a Picture of the Baby of your choice and a Sponsor Certificate which can be sent  to your Dad by email or regular mail. To participate, contact: info@procyonwildlife.com.

To order Procyon Wildlife Baseball Hat, please click on the link below:


Our Volunteers work hard to provide the nourishment and enrichment these little ones need, and your support is what makes the difference. On behalf of our wildlife, “We are counting on YOU! Help is in YOUR hands.”