This Mother’s Day, please help Mama Meadow and her baby Pebble

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate all the wonderful things your Mom has done for you. She has kept you warm, nurtured, fed and educated you.

Our wildlife moms do the same thing in their natural habitat. Warm brush piles that have been left undisturbed all winter, are tempting places for them to deliver, shelter and nurture their young. Unbeknownst to the wildlife nesting or hiding their young in these burn piles, these safe havens can suddenly become dangerous infernos.

Meet Mama Raccoon Meadow and her baby Pebble;  here is their story of how they came to Procyon Wildlife.

This little mama was brought to us with burns on her face, arm and belly. On her way to the vet for treatment of her burns, to our surprise, she popped out an itty bitty baby.

Both mama and baby are in serious but stable conditions. Mama Meadow cannot nurse her newborn because of the burns to her belly and nipples so we are bottle feeding Baby Pebble to supplement in between her quality time with mama.

This time of year, people are tidying up their gardens and property of the past season’s debris. So please check those piles of rubble before you burn them, lives depend on it!

If you would like to help Meadow and Pebble in honour of your mother, please contact us at

Your Gift will include a Picture of the Baby of your choice and a Sponsor Certificate which can be sent to your Mom by email or regular mail.

Our Volunteers work hard to provide the nourishment and enrichment these little ones need, and your support is what makes the difference. On behalf of our wildlife, “We are counting on YOU! Help is in YOUR hands.”

This Mother’s Day, please help Mama Meadow and her baby Pebble