Coyotes have an incredible sense of hearing and smelling. It can find prey hiding under the snow using his ears. It can also detect hunters that are one mile away. They are nocturnal, and do not hibernate so they may be seen all year round and occasionally during daylight hours they look for a food source. Coyotes run with the tail pointed downward and sometimes attaining a speed of 64 km per hour (40 mph).





They are typically thought to be only meat eaters, but are actually omnivores — they eat meat and vegetation.

Never run from or turn your back on a coyote/fox/wolf/domestic dog. Instead, wave your arms above your head, stomp feet, clap hands. Surprise gestures work best. Be assertive! Be BIG and LOUD! Yell “Go away!” Never scream. A strong voice and assertive gestures send a clear message. Also use hazing techniques such as shaking car keys, popping an umbrella, throwing an object in the direction of the coyote such as clumps of dirt, sticks or blow a whistle. Then slowly back away but maintain eye contact and remember never run. If you see any in need of care, call Procyon Wildlife @ 905-729-0033. Help is in Your Hands!

Day 5… Deb’s Twelve Days of Wildlife…..DID YOU KNOW facts…
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