If you see or find a Virginia Opossum in your barn, garage or shed, be nice to them as they are North America’s only marsupial (pouched mammal). They have no fur on their feet, ears or tail, so there not equipped for our Canadian winters which makes them very susceptible to frost bite. Often when opossums are seen, they are ravaged by frostbite, so they are missing toes, missing part of their tails, and their ears are crumpled.


They are also nature’s pest control by eating up to 5000 ticks in one season. What else is special about opossums is that they cannot get rabies, there body temperature is too low. If you see one that’s been hit by a car, check the pouch for babies, mom will absorb most of the impact and the babies can still be alive. We can save them. If you see one in distress or in need of help this winter, call Procyon Wildlife @ 905-729-0033. Help is in your Hands!

Day 8… Deb’s Twelve Days of Wildlife… DID YOU KNOW facts…
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