The release of Rocky. He was the raccoon that could not be contained! Crystal our animal care coordinator never saw a raccoon leave such a path of destruction behind him! After trashing 3 litter pans, a cat condo, tearing up the floor tiles in ISO 3, and chewing 2 escape holes through the shelf of his outdoor enclosure, his final goodbye gift was to break the door on the kennel he was transported to his release in! Thankfully he didn’t break it enough to escape on the truck ride home! Jennifer is bringing up the rear with food to be left for Rocky until he gets his bearings.

Sarah Marrs-Bruce, our Animal Care Assistant, Inventory Manager commented, “This guy was a challenge from day 1 – took several rounds of multiple antibiotics to get raging infection in his feet and face under control. Was NOT happy about being locked up at all and sure let us know every chance he got!! So glad to see him back home in his own space.”

Rocky the Raccoon Release Day!