Winter Construction a Death Sentence for Wildlife in Ottawa

Procyon was recently made aware of a serious situation by Donna DuBreuil of the Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre. Developers plan to clear cut a major forest during the winter months, which will cause hundreds of animals to be killed, injured or displaced.

Donna is imploring everyone who cares, to participate in her petition. It is our feeling at Procyon that everyone’s input matters no matter where in the province we live, since it is our moral and collective responsibility to ensure that we protect our unique Canadian wildlife and provide a green future for our children.

Please sign Donna’s petition today, and share this with your friends!


Procyon Wildlife Veterinary and Rehabilitation Services

Read Donna’s full letter here:

Dear Friends of Wildlife

The Centre has been very outspoken on the devastating impact that the clear-cutting of this major forest will have on wildlife – particularly during the winter months when hundreds of animals will be killed, injured or displaced.  Please take a moment to sign the petition below and forward it to friends, family and co-workers.  Ours is the only voice that wildlife have.  We must let Mayor Watson and developers known that this callous and inhumane action is totally unacceptable in the 21st century.    So, please take a minute to sign this important petition at:   If you live in Ottawa it’s very important to also let your City Councillor know your views as the lack of an effective Wildlife Construction Protocol means these heartless practices are occurring across the City.  Please send your councillor a copy of this petition with your comments. If you are unsure of your councillor’s name, go to – use the link ‘Find your Ward’ to insert your address which will let you know your  councillor’s name.

Many thanks   Donna DuBreuil Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre

Winter Construction a Death Sentence for Wildlife in Ottawa
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