SOS Wildlife ControlWildlife nuisances in both urban and rural areas are a common challenge for the average property owner to experience. Most common culprits of home invasions all over the GTA are raccoons and squirrels who often find a way or make their way into your attics or garages. Often, the first signs of wildlife on your property are noises of footsteps above you or you may notice some damage somewhere you haven’t before. In some cases, you might even see the animal running into part of the house.

Wildlife has been making their way over to areas populated by humans more and more throughout the years. With the rise of deforestation, the natural habitats of these wildlife animals are being destroyed leaving these animals no choice but to adapt to a new way of life. This new way of life is finding a means of shelter and food away from predators, where it is convenient to care for themselves and their families.

Understanding that wildlife is driven into our lives because their homes are being destroyed is important to know when having encounters with them. Working in a profession where we remove wildlife from private properties, we need to keep in mind why they are there in the first place, and respect that. Because wildlife on your property is a problem many people would not like to be faced with for reasons like getting into our trash bins, ripping property structures and leaving messes, sometimes it’s forgotten how they’ve made it there in the first place.

When we are dealing with removing wildlife from your property, or when we are setting up preventative measures, we be sure to look out for how our actions can affect the wildlife. When wildlife are removed from a property, they are released in the same vicinity to avoid any problems. When wildlife are relocated, they become disoriented and their chances of survival are minimized greatly due to being unfamiliar with the area, not knowing where to find food/water sources, or not finding shelter from predators. In certain circumstances, only when absolutely necessary that they are relocated, wildlife are only moved a maximum of 1km away. When removing female wildlife, with or without children visible, we practice methods that ensure that the animal’s young can still receive care from their mothers. Being humane is crucial when dealing with any wildlife because their lives matter and they deserve to be treated with respect.

SOS Wildlife Control only practices humane wildlife control methods because we understand the nuisance of animals on your property and we care for the wildlife around us. Wildlife are a part of this world as much as we are, and we want to make sure that while our customers receive effective results when removing wildlife or wildlife-proofing, that it is done while respecting wildlife.

Handling Wildlife Management with Humane Methods – SOS Wildlife Control Inc.
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