NatureWorksI spent the day at Procyon Wildlife Facility last week to learn more about behind the scene so to speak. I got to meet the orphans that call Procyon their home right at the moment til they grow big enough to go back to the wild. One has a hard time seeing all the little animals that for what ever reason loose their moms. Moms are what they need most. But having said that. When they loose their Mom. I am very thankful that these facilities full of hard working caring animal lovers who volunteer many hours to lovingly care for these babies are there.

It is a booming place with many mouths to feed and cages to clean. And volunteers are always needed here. They train you and the rewards from saving these little lives is something I have said before. No words can describe it. It is a deep feeling of satisfaction. To see them go free again. Well. WOW.

We gowned up and wore masks with the fawns and spoke not a word to keep human contact to a minimum. I am hoping to get into the education program here to help educate the public. So I am spending time and learning as much as I can because education in wildlife is extremely important in our world. I do that now on my own and have done many presentations. But I feel the need to branch out even more. My life is wildlife and I live for it. It is my much needed therapy. And seeing what these little lives go through to start their way into our world,well lets just say we got nothing to complain about. Humans could learn a lot from our wildlife friends. If they opened their hearts to do so.

So to all you wildlife rehabilitation facilities and volunteers out there. Thank you. I can tell you I have taken wildlife to a few of them. And for the most part it has always been a good outcome to seeing them go free again back to the wild. There is nothing cuter than wildlife babies. But remember, they are just that. WILD.

About Jennifer Howard:  Jennifer does a lot of education work and has just won her second award from Ontario Nature on the values of the work she does all on her own. Her first award was from Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority in 2011. Conservation education award. She uses her photography to get the point across. Because that is what makes the impact making people think.

Jennifer’s latest pictures taken at Procyon:


Jennifer Howard, Nature Photographer, Spent The Day at Procyon, this Past June 28th