Procyon Wildlife will continue to operate 7 days per week.

Although the Ford government has announced they are shutting down all non-essential services due to the COVID-19 virus, they have stated they are serious about animal welfare in the province and will not do anything which could put our animals at risk, therefore veterinarians, shelters or rescues are EXEMPT FROM PROVINCIAL SHUT DOWN.

As a result, Procyon Wildlife will continue to operate 7 days per week. 

In order to keep our volunteers and rescuers protected, we are operating with a very limited amount of volunteers per day.

It is very important that appointments are pre-arranged to bring a sick, injured or orphaned wild animal so that someone experienced will be able to admit and treat the animal.

PLEASE CALL 905-729-0033 and leave a message.  Your call will be returned by our phone volunteers ASAP.

Novica has partnered with the Procyon Wildlife Centre!

Any time people purchase an item from the following Procyon/Novica site…

NOVICA Fundraiser for Procyon Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Center – Gifts that Give Back 

..Procyon will receive 25% of each sale to help our animals being cared for at the Centre.

Novica, which is associated with National Geographic, has partnered with the Procyon Wildlife Centre! All items are handcrafted by artisans around the globe, so the items are unique and beautifully crafted.

There are many beautiful pieces of jewellery for sale by Novica, however, also available for purchase, are unique clothing for both men and women and home decor items, etc…

It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, you can order from any country, as the items are shipped directly from the source country. So please think of Procyon Wildlife next time you want to purchase something beautiful for yourself or a loved one… and help the orphaned and injured animals that come through our doors.

The selection is vast, and new items come up all the time. Check their website often as new items are constantly being added on.

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Live Trapping & Relocation can be a Death Sentence

It is a myth that live trapping and relocating a wild animal is a humane solution to dealing with a wild animal. The truth is that live trapping and relocating a wild animal can often be a death sentence.
Most wild animals defend a territory, that territory is theirs. This means they fight off competition, have food stores and know where to find resources and shelter.
Moving an animal from its territory puts it in an unfamiliar area, leaving it without shelter or food resources. It also puts an animal into another animal’s territory. The animal defending this territory will chase off, injure or even kill its competition in order to keep its territory.

In addition to harm to the individual animal, live trapping and relocating orphans babies. During spring, summer and fall it is almost guaranteed that trapping out an adult animal will leave babies, or youngsters orphaned and helpless.

An animal may be carrying a disease. By taking that animal from one area and placing it in another, you could be introducing a new parasite, virus or bacteria into an area that once was not affected by that disease. Likewise you could be placing a perfectly healthy animal into an area with a parasite, virus or bacteria they are not immune to, leaving the animal sick and helpless.

If you remove an animal from a space it just opens up the territory for a new animal to move into that space, you do not solve the problem! Instead discover why an animal finds your home, or yard so desirable and make it undesirable. Your home is only part of that animals territory, so it will have other spots to go.

Please do not live trap and relocate, especially in spring.
If you need to remove an animal call your local wildlife rehab for tips and tricks on how to get an animal to vacate or move along.