Textile Recycling Fundraiser for Procyon – Sept. 1st to 30th.

For the month of September, Procyon Wildlife will be collecting any and all textiles; everything from good clothing to ragged and stained clothing (as long as it’s clean), towels, sheets, comforters, rags, fabric odds and ends, curtains, stuffed animals, footwear, luggage, handbags (no matter what condition) and sports equipment.

Any items in good condition will go towards charities, and items no longer viable will be shredded and recycled into stuffing for things like cushions and pet toys, etc…

We are giving advance notice now, so you can start thinking about what you don’t need anymore. It’s good to de-clutter once in awhile, and this is for a great cause!

The more stuff collected, the more money Procyon Wildlife will receive, so we are hoping to collect LOTS of stuff.

Collection will begin in September, and run throughout the month of September. Please place clean, dry and odourless items in a plastic bag and bring to: Procyon Wildlife, 6441 7th line, Beeton, L0G 1A0 between September 1st and September 30th, 2018.

We’ll get paid by the pound, so the more we collect the better!

Become a Volunteer! Help is in YOUR Hands!

Join our team and help save a precious life today!

We are looking for people to help with all sorts of tasks, from caring for the animals, fundraising and doing site repairs, to cleaning laundry, cutting the grass and writing grants.

We offer a free three-hour training course and ask volunteers to commit to one four-hour shift per week. Experienced volunteers will work with the new ones in their first shifts to give them guidance.

To make a difference, please complete our Procyon Volunteer Application Form and email to

Help is in YOUR Hands!