Each year, Procyon helps hundreds of orphaned and injured animals

Procyon LogoProcyon Wildlife is provincially licensed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and is located near Beeton, Ontario. Compassionate members of local and surrounding communities bring needy animals that they have found to our facility for care.

Each year, Procyon Wildlife looks after hundreds of orphaned and injured wild animals. Animals are cared for by our specially-trained staff of dedicated volunteers.

The animals are released into their original natural habitats as soon as they are healthy and able to fend for themselves.

Treating wildlife is totally different to treating domestic animals

Treating wildlife is totally different to treating domestic animalsDr. Sherri Cox, one of Canada’s leading wildlife veterinarians is going to do a free seminar at Procyon for veterinarians only.

If you know of a veterinarian who would be interested, please contact us at .

It will be held on Tuesday, August 9th at 6:00 pm. Space is limited so we are just asking vets to register.

Look what Mom has hidden!

look what mom has hiddenLook what Mom has hidden! A room for 13. The Virginia opossum is the only marsupial (pouched mammal) found in the United States.

The Opossum has been around for at least 70 million years – since the time of the dinosaurs – and is one of Earth’s oldest surviving mammals.

They are unusually resistant to the venom of venomous snakes and are extremely unlikely to acquire rabies. They have 50 very sharp teeth, more than any land mammal.