Volunteer of the Month

Our Volunteer of the Month is Martin Hope. He refuses to have his photo taken so you will just have to imagine what he looks like. Not only does Martin do animal care, he has built the extension for our outdoor raccoon enclosures and is presently building another nursery for small mammals. 

We just hope that he realizes how much he is appreciated by all of us.

The Runway Run!

A great time was had at Pearson International Airport for the Runway Run. The ladies seen here are two of our volunteers, Joanne and Laura.

Couldn't make it this year? Keep it in mind for next.

This is a unique opportunity to see the airport from a different perspective.


How could you resist this sweet face? 

We have been very fortunate at Procyon Wildlife to have Jennifer Howard of NatureWorks Photography take pictures of our babies. 

Thanks Jennifer.

A Sad Story

Recently we received a call about a sick fawn that people had ‘just found’ a few days earlier.

She was brought to our facility in serious condition and along with that came the true story. 

The couple had found her in April and brought her to their home to live. They even saw her mother at times but chose to keep her instead of letting her be reunited. This fawn was only getting nourishment from a formula which should have been stopped months before. She never got to eat the grass, leaves or other natural food which must be consumed to keep her not only healthy and alive.

The fawn was taken to Pyne Hill Veterinary Services, a wonderful clinic that helps us when needed. She was in total shock and was put on an IV drip for the entire day. There was no improvement so she was put her in a car to take to a wildlife veterinarian. Unfortunately she died in the vehicle.

There was no need for this death, nor is there any excuse for the hundreds of people that do this same thing every year. Aside the fact that it is illegal, wildlife cannot be treated like domestic pets. Everything from food to medications is entirely different for wildlife and this poor fawn paid the price for this ignorance.

These people didn’t mean to kill the fawn but that is exactly what happened. Every day we get calls from people who have kept orphan squirrels, raccoons and, yes, deer. Once they pass the ‘baby’ stage, the people don’t want them any longer and call us to take them. 

A wild animal is just that, and as cute and cuddly as they are, they are wild and that emerges as they begin to mature. The other serious side effect is that they become imprinted and have no fear of humans. When they are released we might as well paint a target on them because their lack of fear makes them a hunter’s dream.

At Procyon, we all love the babies, but once those cage doors open and the animals feel that sense of freedom, it is a joyous thing to know that we enabled these babies to live the life they were meant to live.

Please remember this poor little fawn if you ever have the desire to keep any orphaned wildlife. Their chance of survival is so limited either while they are with you or when they are released.

We Have A Winner!

The winner of our annual WestJet raffle and two tickets to anywhere in North America or the Caribbean that the airline flies is...

Roger Bickers of Brooklyn, Ontario!

Congratulations, Roger!

Thank You

This is the bounty brought to Procyon from the students of Rama Central Public School. What a wonderful assignment for children to learn and to share. 

The pumpkin was a great hit with the fawns and we made the mistake of leaving the acorns on the porch for a short period of time and every chipmunk within a ten-mile radius had them all over the place, so we had to move them to an enclosure. There were approximately 7,000 acorns. 

Shown with the donation is Margaret Kean Black, the incredible teacher who spearheaded the drive. Not only are the students fortunate to be involved in such a great activity, but Procyon and the other wildlife centres certainly benefit from this generosity. 

Thank you Margaret and all your students.